Location wedding : Anne + Martin

Anne and Martin are the outdoor type. You know the kind - the ones you see returning home on Sunday morning from a 20k bike ride just as you're reaching for another hit of the 'snooze' button. I admire those people and wish i had even half that amount of will power on a sunday morning. So what more fitting location than a bush wedding. Anne, originally from Ireland, fell in love with her Australian Husband whilst over here and decided to stay and adopt Australia as her new home. I can honestly say I have never shot a wedding like this, the beautiful location was just near the Hunter valley and well worth the 3 hour drive. They kept everything really casual and fun right down to the BBQ dinner (how Australian). The guests were invited to bring a musical instrument and camp overnight, I couldn’t think of a better way to top off the wedding than with a giant bonfire, a glass of wine and some of her super talented musical friends performing some impromptu songs. Thanks guys for allowing me to be part of such a magical day

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