Machelle + Patrick

My first meeting with Machelle and Patrick was at my place. As soon as they walked in I could see just how in love these two were. They had planned every part of their wedding together and would even finish each others sentences. They were having a small, intimate wedding. Something classic with a vintage twist, so Milton park, located in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Bowral was perfect. When I arrived at Machelle and Patrick’s house I could see where their love of vintage started. From the perfectly polished 1920’s silver tea set to the antique trumpets propped up on the window ledge and even her lace wedding dress.
Machelle and Patrick only requested me for a few hours on their day, but that was enough to capture the couple and their friends in the beautiful grounds.


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  1. Hannah, I love your work. I am newly engaged and a friend recommended your blog to me. All your images are such a great source of inspiration. So far this wedding in the gorgeous garden is my favourite! I love how well you tell the story of their special day through your photographs. Will be in touch
    x Liv.S